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Since 1971, Bralirwa Plc is a subsidiary of the Heineken Group, which holds 75% of its shares. On 31st January 2010, we became a public limited company, having been the first to list on the Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE).

Bralirwa Plc is incorporated in the Republic of Rwanda under law no7/2009 of 27 April 2009 relating to companies and registered by the Office of the Registrar General under no 100004348.

As a publicly listed company, we adhere to the strict regulations of the RSE and have benefited greatly from the advises and market intelligence acquired through engagement with our investors on very many platforms the biggest and most important of which is the General Assembly held each year.


Since our public listing, we have had seven general assembly meetings the recent having been held in May 2018. These are reinforced by investor conference calls organized after every publication of performance results.

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