Company Profile

Company Profile


Founded in 1957, BRALIRWA Ltd is a Rwandan company producing and selling beers and soft drinks.  Since 1971, BRALIRWA Ltd is part of the internationally renowned Heineken Company which currently holds 75% of BRALIRWA Ltd shares while the 25% remaining shares are hold by independent shareholders. Bralirwa Ltd shares are listed on the Rwandan Stock Exchange since January 31, 2011. The Company beer portfolio includes Primus, Mützig, Amstel and Turbo King produced in our Gisenyi brewery and the Heineken beer which is imported. Since 1974 the Company holds the licence of The Coca-Cola Company to produce and distribute their brands, BRALIRWA Ltd produces the Coca-Cola portfolio : Coca Cola, Fanta Orange, Fanta Citron, Fanta Fiesta, Sprite, Krest Tonic and the company’s own brand Vital’ O.


Our mission:  “To become a world class sustainable beverage producing company in Rwanda with high quality brands that satisfy needs and give enjoyment to our consumers, while respecting our people, society and environment we live in”.

Our Values

Passion for Quality:  As a subsidiary of Heineken N.V. and license holder of The Coca-Cola Company, Bralirwa ensures that everything it does or produce is of a high quality. Bralirwa ltd continually aims to obtain and maintain its internal and external quality standard (e.g. ISO).  This is not only reflected in its products and brands, but also in other activities such as social and employment policies. In Bralirwa ltd, there is belief that being a ‘quality’ employer and investing in employees creates benefit and value for the Company and its reputation but also for all of the Company’s stakeholders.

Enjoyment for life: Bralirwa Ltd participates in making life more enjoyable by producing high quality beers and sparkling beverages and marketing them responsibly through innovative sponsorships, advertising and countrywide promotions. Bralirwa’s sponsorship portfolio, which spans sports, music and arts includes many positive events that contribute to the enjoyment of many. The enjoyment for life is also reflected in the working life and atmosphere within the Company.

Respect for People, Society and the Environment we live in: As an integral part of the local and global communities in which it operates, Bralirwa respects the laws and regulations of the countries in which it is active, Bralirwa pays attention to different cultures and to environmental preservation. Bralirwa aims to be a good corporate citizen and takes most seriously its responsibility to be fully integrated, in a sustainable way, in the society in which it operates.


Bralirwa has two production sites. Beers are produced in Gisenyi and sparkling beverages are produced in Kigali. To ensure full availability of our products around the country, we have put in place a strong distribution network that includes BRALIRWA-owned distribution centers (‘depots’), (or warehouses), distributor-owned or independent sub-distribution centers and independent stock points.

Our Future Prospects

Thanks to the Rwanda’s economy which continues to demonstrate strong resilience with ongoing economic development expected to support the commercial beverage market; as always, we will strive to build on our leadership position. Our internal processes will be strengthened to drive improved operating efficiencies. Further investment in our infrastructure network and human capital will continue, as we aim to meet the growing market demand for our products. The training and development of our people remains a key priority and an important source of ongoing competitive advantage. We will not cease to strive for improvements in all areas of our business.