Our Stakeholders

Our Stakeholders


At a corporate level we continue to engage with international organizations operating in Rwanda and government entities to discuss our investments, our business strategy and our determination to be a sustainable business by addressing issues crucial to our business including alcohol abuse, water stewardship and the development of recycling infrastructure.


We have an ongoing dialogue with NGOs on a wide range of topics among them water stewardship, education, health, sanitation, underage alcohol consumption, and poverty eradication.


As a listed company, we maintain an intensive dialogue with institutional investors, shareholder groups and analysts. This is done through a combination of meetings, correspondences, the Annual General Meeting and discussions on specific topics or issues.


The annual employee ‘Climate’ survey tracks engagement levels on a range of dimensions, including personal development, direction and alignment, the relationship between employees and their managers and customer orientation and helps us to drive a performance driven culture across the organization.

Employee representatives

We maintain strong links with employee representatives. We hold regular meetings with labour unions in which we discuss all relevant work related issues. We are committed to respecting our employees’ right to freedom of association.


We continue working together with our suppliers to ensure high ethical standards and respect for human rights and the environment. A key focus is on reducing our impacts through the design and production of our packaging. We support our suppliers to make the transition to using more renewable energy in the production of our packaging, while developing solutions to reduce emissions and ensuring our packaging is recyclable. By mid-2019, compliance among our suppliers with our four-step Supplier Code Procedure was 96%.

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