Mützig Class

Mützig Class

Born from the well-established Mützig brand, Mützig Class is a quality beer that offers a new, stylish look, with a refined taste, it is a brand for the young at heart who want to express who they are, express their style, express their tastes, and express their Class.

Mützig Class is a refreshing, easy-to-drink beer that allows you to enjoy any occasion, with Class.

Heineken has always brought enjoyment to people’s lives, creating a beer that connects people during moments of fun, creating not just advertising but entertainment, sponsoring world class events and making them even more special.  As the world is getting more serious, Heineken provides consumers with enjoyment by offering a fresh perspective in everyday life. A brand for people who are looking to enjoy life more. Heineken is now proudly produced in Rwanda.

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