Primus the most known beer on Rwandan market, playing in the lower mainstream segment. For the past 60 years, Primus has maintained a strong reputation for its quality and appealing taste. As indicated with the brand tagline “Primus, Yacu Iwacu”, it is well known for its national pride, togetherness and friendship proposition. These propositions are brought to life through relevant campaigns. In the last decade, Primus transformed the Rwandan music scene with various sponsorships and will continue to bring enjoyment to Rwandans nationwide. Primus is available in 72cl and 50 cl bottle.


Mutzig is a superior quality beer master brewed according to its original European recipe with the highest quality local and imported ingredients. It was launched in Rwanda in 1987 as a brand for consumers with a passion for stronger, more refined quality and taste.

Originally from Europe, in a town called Alsace (between Germany and France), Mützig is a regional brand that is also brewed in Cameroon, Ivory Coast, DRC and Congo Brazzaville.

As is witnessed in its campaigns, Mützig is about a passion for quality, bringing the best in people to everything they do just like the efforts it takes to bring the “world’s best in a beer”.

 Mützig Class Born from the well-established Mützig brand, Mützig Class is a quality beer that offers a new, stylish look, with a refined taste, it is a brand for the young at heart who want to express who they are, express their style, express their tastes, and express their Class. It is a refreshing, easy-to-drink beer that allows you to enjoy any occasion, with Class.The Mützig brand has a wide assortment of line extensions across the Central African region, after being launched in the region in 1987.  Mützig Class was launched in the DRC, Congo Brazzaville and Côte d’Ivoire, before making its way to Rwanda in 2019.

Turbo King

Turbo King is positioned as the number one mainstream dark beer for blue collar aged 25-30. A beer that salutes working class heroes playing on the masculinity platform. Brewed to be stronger, Turbo King provides more reward after a hard day’s work. Turbo King is available in 50cl bottle.


Amstel 100% Pure Malt is a world-class beer that is produced only by malt, hops, and water, implying higher quality for people who are always going for the best. Amstel 100% Pure Malt package is with an authentic, classic look, a little special, stressing explicitly the premium quality. Amstel 100% Pure Malt is for ambitious, future-oriented people who are on their way to success, and it fits with their ‘strategy’ to strive for the best today for a successful tomorrow.


Heineken has always brought enjoyment to people’s lives, creating a beer that connects people during moments of fun, creating not just advertising but entertainment, sponsoring world class events and making them even more special.  As the world is getting more serious, Heineken provides consumers with enjoyment by offering a fresh perspective in everyday life. A brand for people who are looking to enjoy life more. Heineken is now proudly produced in Rwanda.