Sales and Distribution

The Company has two production sites. Beer and sparkling beverages are produced in Gisenyi and sparkling beverages are produced in Kigali. To ensure full availability of its products around the country, BRALIRWA has put in place a strong distribution network that includes BRALIRWA-owned distribution centers (‘depots’), distributor-owned distribution centers (or warehouses), distributor-owned or independent sub-distribution centers and independent stock points.

The distribution of BRALIRWA’s products around the country are managed by both the Commercial and Logistics Departments, where the Logistics Department is responsible from BRALIRWA’s internal distribution and the Commercial Department handles the distribution towards the customers and consumers. This solid and effective distribution system assures the constant and nationwide availability of BRALIRWA’s products at the recommended selling price.

The Company’s sales region is divided into the following three regions:

  • Greater Kigali and GITARAMA Region;
  • South-East region, including NYAGATARE, KIBUNGO, BUGESERA and BUTARE; and
  • North-West region, including RUHENGERI, GISENYI, CYANGUNGU and KIBUYE.


The Kigali region is the biggest sales region followed by the North West and Southern region. The volume exported, mainly into the North-Kivu (Goma) region in the DRC and South-Uganda represents around 5% of total BRALIRWA sales volume. Active distributor management is of high priority at BRALIRWA as the distributors are the key partners in the routeto-market. BRALIRWA not only supports in the day-to-day business, analyzing data, routings and costs, but also supports on the longer term, further increasing the professionalism and way of working of the distributors. They also assist their distributors in obtaining asset financing for the purchase of small trucks for transport and distribution of the Company’s products. A bonus scheme stimulates the distributor to continued improvements and rewards good performance. Furthermore, BRALIRWA ensures that all its distributors meet its specific standards and service levels regarding the distribution of its products and overall running of their enterprises, as well as respect for the environment.

The Company’s sales representatives audit and support the distributors and outlets on a regular basis to maximize the performance of BRALIRWA’s products in the market. Transportation of beer and sparkling beverages to the distributors from the depots and plants is currently undertaken by third parties.



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