Celebration of 20 years young of Mützig and re-launch ceremony


Date: 20 October 2007
Location: Kigali
Publisher: Bralirwa Plc.

The exciting year 2007 is just in its 4th quarter and yet another Bralirwa milestone is appearing on the Horizon.

Bralirwa Plc., Brasseries et Limonaderies du Rwanda is the leading local Beverage company with a large range of Beer and Coca-Cola brands.

After the start of local production of the Amstel Beer brand early 2006, the launch of the new Genius bottle for the Guinness Foreign Extra Stout Brand in March 2006, followed by the major re-launch of Rwanda's leading mainstream brand Primus Lager Beer in June 2006, Bralirwa continued in 2007 and its consumers witnessed a long desired dream come true; the birth of a new-born within the Bralirwa family, Primus Ntoya or a small 33 cl Primus in March. Until then, Primus lager beer had only be available in a large 72 cl format.

All these activities have contributed to the present health of Bralirwa's Beer brands, resulting in a volume uplift and an improvement of its bottom line results.
It goes without saying that one should never be satisfied with today's results and always look ahead for ways to improve.

Hence, Bralirwa decided its time to focus on improving the overall image of its local premium brand Mutzig.

Originally from Europe, Mutzig was first launched in Rwanda in the year 1987 to satisfy the needs of the Rwandan consumers with a passion for a stronger, yet more refined and bitter tasting beer. It was Mutzig that has developed the local premium segment over the years. The same Mutzig brand is present in a number of other African countries, Cameroun, Democratic Republic of Congo and Congo Brazzaville.

Presently, Mutzig is performing stronger than ever before and plays a key role in the excellent Bralirwa Beer brand portfolio.It is the country's 2nd largest beer brand, which is major achievement for a local premium brand.

According Bralirwa's vision, one should never be satisfied with the status quo and continuously look at ways how to improve the brand performances. Certainly, given the very large number of loyal consumers, the Mutzig brand has recruted over the years as well as the new consumers that our entering the brand franchise every day. Bralirwa is known as a company that respects its consumers and the environment it operates in.

It is for this reason, that Mutzig has been relaunched with a new, more modern exciting outfit, containing a new label and a new staniol.

This packaging enhancement is supported with a major regional media campaign on TV and Radio. Furthermore with various billboard signs, giant wall brandings in Kigali, a newly branded fleet of Bralirwa trucks, and last but not least new exciting activation materials for a selective number of outlets.

Mutzig, only 20 years young, invites you to celebrate its own and your success together.

" Mutzig, the Taste of Success " " Le gout de la Réussite "


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