Guinness League of Excellence: Bralirwa wins world-wide quality award

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Bralirwa Plc has been once again recognized for its continuous efforts to improve and offer the best products to its clients and consumers. Bralirwa is second in a worldwide ranking which included 44 countries that have participated to the competition. After winning the 2009 and 2010 Coca-Cola Gold Awards, the Coca-Cola ECABU Award and Heineken Awards for quality and performance, Bralirwa Plc is collecting recognitions in 2011.   

According to its mission “to become a world class sustainable beverage producing company in Rwanda with high quality brands that satisfy needs and give enjoyment to consumers, the company has been awarded as the second best producing company worldwide in the Guinness League of Excellence Competition.
Since 1759, Guinness remains the preferred choice of premium black beer for drinkers around the world. The Guinness League of Excellence Award (GLoE) was established in the 1990s as a global benchmark for the best quality Guinness brewed outside Ireland. Bralirwa Plc ended second in a world-wide ranking right after Malaysia with only 0.14% difference. Malaysia has been recorded with 87.63% while Bralirwa Plc has owned itself 87.49%. The judging process is highly competitive and it involves a meticulous assessment based on standards covering flavour, analytical results, packaging and processes.
Guinness beer is one of Bralirwa Plc portfolio. Guinness is known in the country for its involvement in some event sponsorships and has won Rwandan public for its strong taste. With such a rich heritage of innovation, passion and belief, it should come as no surprise that Guinness is enjoyed by an important number of drinkers every day in 150 countries where it is available worldwide.

In 2011, Bralirwa Plc has decided to reinforce the availability of the product in the market and increased the number of bottles to satisfy the continuously increasing demand. According to its value “Passion for Quality”, the Company is looking forward to establish a better and more efficient exposure for Guinness Beer.

“We are happy and extremely honored to be recognized as the second best brewery by the Guinness League of Excellence. Bralirwa is always working hard and the company is motivated to improve its product in order to offer quality and satisfaction to our consumer. Such recognition is exceptionally helpful and gives us a great encouragement to keep on going with our efforts to please our consumers and collaborators.” Said Pascal Karangwa, Bralirwa Plc Technical Director.




Bralirwa Plc is a Rwandan company producing and selling beers and soft drinks. The Company beer portfolio includes Primus, Mützig, Guinness, Amstel and Turbo King produced in our Gisenyi brewery and Heineken beer which is imported. We produce Primus beer, our main brand since 1959 and our soft drinks plant started operating in 1974 in partnership with The Coca-Cola Company. We produces Coca-Cola brands; Coca Cola, Fanta Orange and Fanta Citron, Fanta Fiesta, Sprite, Krest Tonic and own brand Vital’ O. The company was founded in 1957 with the construction of a brewery in Gisenyi, located at Lake Kivu. Since 1971, Bralirwa Plc is part of the internationally renowned Group Heineken which holds 75% of Bralirwa Plc shares while the 25% remaining shares are hold by independent shqreholders. As a socially responsible company Bralirwa Plc supports a variety of projects from Education to Health and Environment.



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