New Turbo King 33cl bottle: same great taste

Turbo King Small Bottle

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Launched late 2009, Turbo King was very well received by Rwandan consumers. However, shortly after the launch a smaller bottle was increasingly requested. The higher alcohol content, as well as a more affordable price motivated the request for the smaller bottle format.

“Launching the 33cl Turbo King bottle today confirms that Bralirwa is guided by its consumers” said Aline Asselot, Bralirwa’s Marketing Manager.
“There was a clear demand for the increasingly popular Turbo King to be available in a smaller and more affordable bottle and we are proud to launch it today.”

Turbo King is a rich and smooth dark beer, full bodied and with a somewhat higher alcohol content of 6.5% versus 5% for the regular beers.

“Turbo King beer needs to be consumed and enjoyed at one’s own responsible pace, as Bralirwa promotes responsible consumption” adds Alexander Koch, Bralirwa’s Commercial Director.

On June 30th, 2011; Bralirwa Plc will offer to its consumers the opportunity to (re)discover and enjoy this great beer in a more comfortable and practical version.
At the same time, the big Turbo King 72cl bottle will be taken out of the market and replace by its new smaller version. Produced by Bralirwa’s brewery in Rubavu in respect of high quality standards at all levels of the production process, Turbo King will be available through usual commercial channels at a recommended retail price of 400 Rwf.

Open up to the lion in yourself, enjoy a Turbo King.



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